Zero Mosquito

You Are Here Because You Have a Problem With Mosquitos, Watch Our Video Now!

Hey, I’m Chris Bell with Zero Mosquito. And if you’re listening to this video, you’re having a mosquito problem in your yard or somewhere around your property. Here at Zero Mosquito, I want to tell you how we will take care of that mosquito problem for you. Zero Mosquito has unbeatable three step process that will keep mosquitoes away from your property guaranteed!

First using the larvicide, our technician will treat all standing water around your property to kill mosquito larvae before they grow into the adult biting mosquitoes. Second, using our special formula, we treat all areas where mosquitoes feed, breed and harbor. This product will kill mosquitoes on contact and continue to work for 21 days. And last, we use an all natural repellent will create an invisible barrier around your property that keeps mosquitoes from flying in from the neighbor’s yards and the wood.

All of our products are children safe and pet friendly and come with 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will love to partner with you to keep your yard mosquito free this season. So call Zero Mosquito today at 770-828-5306. And as for me, Chris Bell, the owner, operator here at Zero Mosquito. I would be happy to speak with you anytime. And remember if you’re not 100% satisfied, you will not pay one penny. Have a great day and thanks for listening!

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